Diving the Poor Knights with Bluzone
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Enjoying the sun on the speedy trip back on Rumblefish A lunchtime plunge off RumblefishHeading down at the Poor knights

Poor Knights
New Zealand



April 2015

Great summer down under and hopefully some good shots waiting to be processed.

I had to finally use up my last stocks of Fulichrome Velvia and have hung up my Nexus F90X housing and my trusty Nik5/15mm...sob sob ;-)

I'll miss the nervous days of not seeing the images that you thought had "nailed it" and those those that you imagined might of captured it...the wait was part of defining the art and in some ways has been superceded by the digital revolution.

I say bring it on but I'll still miss holding up 35mm slide strips for the first time and knowing straight away which ones had compostion.

The constant struggle with customs agents around the globe who insisted to xray your unexposed highly sensitive 50 ASA Velvia... haha I could write a book about these stories but somehow I always managed to convince them that they did not contain explosives.

I have some amazing trips planned in the next few years and I embrace this new technology - especially mirrorless. It's small, crisp and light - a huge advantage when lugging gear around the globe through hot steamy airports.

Looking forward to sharing some great images soon... stay safe.




Napolean wrasse - photography by bluzoneDown in the mangroves - photography by bluzoneShallow lagoon - photography by bluzone
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