Diving the Poor Knights with Bluzone
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Enjoying the sun on the speedy trip back on Rumblefish A lunchtime plunge off RumblefishHeading down at the Poor knights

Poor Knights
New Zealand



Rumblefish was sold in August 2011 and has now left NZ and gone to her new home in Munda, Western Province, Solomon Islands www.mundadive.com

The New Zealand diving market proved to be a bridge too far for this underwater snapper but I'm really proud to have helped design and build her from the word go... she's a work of art.


Rumblefish at cruising speed

Just got back from Munda, Western Province in the Solomon Islands after an 11 day flying visit (early November 2012). What an amazing spot and the diving was some of the best I've encountered on my many travels.

It appears that I had got lucky and chosen some of the best conditions to visit with blue, blue water, not much wind and the occasional shower to cool you down.

Hundreds of postcard tropical islands to stop by for lunch, beautiful wall dives, untouched coral gardens, loads of fish (quite sharky on some sites). What more could you ask for? Well, they have the best eating bananas in the world IMHO and cold beers at Agnes Lodge.

Rumblefish looks at home in her new stable (apart from suffering a few bruises on the trip over) and when the tropical teething problems have been sorted I'm sure she will revel in the place. Go girl... and hope to see you again in the not too distant future!


Thanks to Grae and Jen for a great trip and for showing me around... and ta Jen for the air at Shark Point and of course the karioke!

Cheers guys and take it easy



Napolean wrasse - photography by bluzoneDown in the mangroves - photography by bluzoneShallow lagoon - photography by bluzone
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